Saturday, December 27, 2014

FAMILYSEARCH ALERT!!! New feature for Early Mormon Ancestors

Okay, maybe I am a little lake on this one, but when I saw it I got really excited! I haven't been on Familysearch for a little while, but this just caught my eye today right after I signed in today. Get a load of this new feature, one I think that will help spark the interest of those who come through pioneer lines particularly:

When you first sign in, take notice of the left side of the page, you may have to scroll down a little to see the Joseph Smith Papers link:
After you do that, it will show which of your ancestors are mentioned in the collection, for me I had two and did not even know it!
I was interested to see the relationship, but the only clean view I could screen-capture shows down to my great grandmother, making Nathan Harris my 6th great grandfather (obviously, I want to verify this lineage claim as being accurate, but it will give me some direction to validate this connection or not.)
Assuming he is in fact my ancestor, I wanted to check the link labeled "Biography." It took me to a new tab on the site for the Joseph Smith Papers. 
This is awesome right? However, for me the real treat is having the opportunity to view the page where scans of the original document listing his name is observable:
This page is being downloaded and analyzed later on. I am an excited fact hunter for a little while to come now. When I get a chance, I will return to the other individual listed under my ancestors too.

If any of your ancestors are members of the infant LDS church, be sure to check this feature out. You may have a pleasant surprise like me!

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