Monday, October 6, 2014

Grandpa's Scandalous Purchase...Anecdote of the Day

Ah, the joy in finding small gems in the family histories you read through. I was amused to find the following anecdote as I was typing up my GG-Grandma Ella's history. The story centers on Ella and her husband David, lending a dash of color to the more pious members of my family tree.

So the tale goes as follows, told by the daughters of Ella and David:

"David, already in Oakland, had bought a rooming house (or Boarding House) and Ella was going to operate it. We stayed at the campground, and the next day Ella, David and I went to see the property David had bought. As we were going through the building Ella got VERY ANGRY..., and she took hold of Maud’s hand and started hurrying them along—cautioning Maud not to touch any of the walls, the doorknobs, or the bannister, and Maud realized Ella was VERY UPSET. Ella wanted us out of the building!!! And out of Oakland as soon as possible!!! I didn't know until years later that the property David had bought was...a house of ill repute, or whatever they called them in those days!..."

"...I have often wondered if my Dad had known about that house all along?? I don’t know how Mother found out what kind of a house it was—maybe the ‘tenants’ were still there? When she told me about it later, she...was very adamant about not telling me any of the details.”

Lesson of the day? Investigate your property before settling on a deal. And let your wife be part of the decision.

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  1. Brilliant post! I love these old family stories, they add so much colour to the lives of our ancestors. This is just the kind of thing that we would like shared on our new Facebook group "Family History Unplugged" which will be a platform for airing the quirky, interesting, silly and plain weird things that we all find when researching our family history. We are not launching until 5th November 2014, but the group page is up and running with a holding message. It would be great to see you there! Keep up the good work. Toni