Saturday, August 16, 2014

You Might Be a (Young) Genealogist If...

    You know what the following abbreviations stand for when they appear across the Internet: BMD, FMP, DAR, DUP, FHL, FHC, GLO, NARA, WRHS, and so on.
    You know how to use a digital microfilm reader
    You can watch a movie, research, and perform data input all on the same computer
With twenty open tabs being used at various times…
    People tell you that you have an old person’s hobby
    You actually know how to talk to the older generations
    You work two jobs, go to school, and still find time for genealogy—who needs sleep right?
    You know how to use at least five different kinds of scanners
    You use the library’s online catalog for its obscure features in research help
      You NEVER take a transcription for face value
      You enjoy getting your hands dirty from time to time when it comes to research—remember those things called books? (Yeah, got a stack of them on my shelf about random historical things.)
      You know what “second cousin once removed” means
      Your ability to speed-read and multi-task…Pretty much speaks for itself
      These three words get you excited: Salt Lake Trip!
    You would rather spend your Saturday in the library than at the biggest ward function of the summer
      You have been on a date to a genealogy related function

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